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Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Musing!

"Meet the Muse" was originally intended to be the name of a current body of music I've been working on for several years called A Pyrate Story.  I chose that name because my writing borders on what some consider 'way out there'  in terms of content - perhaps because I tend to pull it from somewhere 'else,'  but heh,  I write exactly what I feel.  I usually play it first - often in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping, I'll hear a melody, and wake up to pick it out on the keys. That way, I won't forget it. If I wait until later, it's gone. 

For the past several years, I spent all my time on the newspaper, The Tybee Times, and its Facebook and Twitter pages, and had little time for music or writing.  Last September, I decided to stop publishing the printed edition for a while, and keep the paper online - needed time away from it, and just couldn't see spending so much energy on something so stressful - chasing down hard news no one wants to expose really isn't my thing.  The next edition we host, whether print or online, may also contain breaking news and monthly columns, but it will primarily feature articles and blogs by other regional writers, as well as links from regional feeds, and we'll open the format to include reader-generated articles - MY favorite type of publication.  If we decide not to print, we may also present the website as a free, public service, and offer complimentary advertising. 

Meanwhile,  The Tybee Times website is being overhauled to reflect the new emphasis.  (I love WordPress for that very reason.)  Incidentally, The Tybee Times Arts & Entertainment Facebook page has now been updated to include more participation from area artists, too.

I hope these changes will still leave me time for music and script writing.  I just added a "Meet the Muse" Facebook artist/band page in order to post original materials.  For sure, I need to get back to the work.  I might even sleep more, per chance even dream, and maybe produce something worthwhile....

(Photo: "New Year's Moon over Sri Lanka, 2010" by Scarlett Bailes)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stumbled upon Ziggy Kinsella

...and his fabulous blog of "horror, dark fiction, writing tips and rants" at The Feckless Goblin a while ago. How many times must I admit how very essential it is to possess writer's angst? I dunno, but it comes around as often as the trash collectors these days, and I'm never prepared to release all my reservations. It's not that I'm not sufficiently 'mad' enough, as Kerouac describes, to wear an attitude that deflects the hostilities of others; it's just that admitting it doesn't come easy - writing about it, even less.  In fact, I'd prefer to be a cherry flavored "popsicle" - sweet, cool, with the ability to duck back into the deep freeze when situations get too hot.

Over the course of time a sunny outlook has enabled me to write glowing reports of local tourist attractions and civic organizations using a simple formula to produce a simple result - either it's mouth-watering, inviting or nobody makes money.  Of course, it's hard to remain cool and calm when one is secretly smoldering.  Socially and politically, I've been right, left, center, and historically back and forth several times into the abyss.  I'm completely disgusted with hypocritical, self-serving people who'd rather maintain their own personal peace and affluence than consider anything outside the box on the behalf of society other than token solutions.  I don't mind leaders disagreeing with each other; I don't mind them being uncivil. They can shout themselves silly, call each other names and point fingers all they want, as long as they're willing to come back and work things out.  But I do mind any refusal to consider reasonable remedies over tarnished principals and closed ideologies by people who spout empty promises at every level...

Given those sentiments, the icy facades melts rather quickly - I've plenty of angst below the surface, and still don't feel good about it... but thanks, Ziggy! You're right - it brings out the writer every time...

(Photo, "Old Sisters in Shawls" by Cynthia Kinkel, August 2004)

Friday, January 21, 2011

I talk a lot about being focused...

...mainly because I'm not, in fact I'm all over the place. I'm either getting bogged down in trivial pursuits, or sidetracked into thinking I can do many things at once, and do them well, so perhaps it's best to just see how this develops.

For the past several years I've published a small newspaper here on Tybee Island called The Tybee Times. How quickly media services around the globe have undergone big changes, cutting their budgets and staff in a move to publish online while the printing industry languishes. The reason, the cost of printing far outweighs the cost of free sourcing news on the web if you have the means to research and produce the content.

I made the decision to stop printing this year out of financial and physical necessity, and WordPress was my choice of venues for our publication's website.  I'm now wrestling with options to attract new advertisers to an expanding global market, not just local, while still considering ways to continue offering the publication free of charge, which is kind of tricky since contributing writers as well as editors deserve to be paid.  Still, the change allows more time for freelancing and other pursuits, as I'm no longer producing the layout for a printed edition on a regular basis, so it's all good.

I'm also hoping to eliminate a few items that have kept me distracted for years - another default process, I must admit, but these days one can ill afford not to do things well...


(Photo above, "Back River Sandbar" by Katie Kinkel, July 2010)
(Photo on the blog footer, "Eclipse 2011" by Nancy Heffernan, January 2011)