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Friday, January 21, 2011

I talk a lot about being focused...

...mainly because I'm not, in fact I'm all over the place. I'm either getting bogged down in trivial pursuits, or sidetracked into thinking I can do many things at once, and do them well, so perhaps it's best to just see how this develops.

For the past several years I've published a small newspaper here on Tybee Island called The Tybee Times. How quickly media services around the globe have undergone big changes, cutting their budgets and staff in a move to publish online while the printing industry languishes. The reason, the cost of printing far outweighs the cost of free sourcing news on the web if you have the means to research and produce the content.

I made the decision to stop printing this year out of financial and physical necessity, and WordPress was my choice of venues for our publication's website.  I'm now wrestling with options to attract new advertisers to an expanding global market, not just local, while still considering ways to continue offering the publication free of charge, which is kind of tricky since contributing writers as well as editors deserve to be paid.  Still, the change allows more time for freelancing and other pursuits, as I'm no longer producing the layout for a printed edition on a regular basis, so it's all good.

I'm also hoping to eliminate a few items that have kept me distracted for years - another default process, I must admit, but these days one can ill afford not to do things well...


(Photo above, "Back River Sandbar" by Katie Kinkel, July 2010)
(Photo on the blog footer, "Eclipse 2011" by Nancy Heffernan, January 2011)

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